Working at heights – Accredited

GUTTER MUNCHER technicians are trained to work at heights and follow all the safety procedures whilst undertaking works on your property, so there is no risk to you.

Working in Confined Spaces – Accredited

GUTTER MUNCHER are water tank cleaning specialists and serve Bendigo & Ballarat and Rural Regions. Rain water tanks quickly accumulate slurry which quickly forms a layer on the bottom of your tank. This slurry commonly contains dirt and leaves, as well as dead animals. This can lead to harmful bacteria forming in your tank as well as becoming breeding sites for mosquitoes and other small insects

Fully Insured  – Your Covered!

GUTTER MUNCHER are fully insured with public liability and indemnity insurance cover. As professionals, we make sure we are covered and trained to work in all situations. This gives our customers peace of mind knowing they have a real professional undertaking any work on your property.

Discounts on Bulk Tanks, just ask!

GUTTER MUNCHER offers bulk discounts for multiple tanks. We also offer an optional gutter cleaning service, using state of the art gutter vacuuming equipment so as to ensure a clean and smooth passage for rainwater to flow into your clean water tank.

The best equipment

GUTTER MUNCHER can clean all types of tanks, including both above ground and underground water tanks. Our vacuuming method of removing sediment means that your tank does not need to be emptied.. We guarantee that you will only lose a minimal amount of water during the cleaning process. If necessary we are also able to totally empty, vacuum and sterilise your tank if that is deemed necessary..